Building The Lodge

The Lodge is the large shared amenity building for glamping guests which has very recently just been completed. The building offers a fully equipped kitchen and dining area, toilets, showers and a central hang-out space with stunning lake, forest and mountain views. The build began in October 2017. Not the ideal time of year to start a building project on the north west coast of Ireland! We tried to make it as eco as possible so used locally sourced roundwood timber, strawbales and lime as the main construction materials. There is also a living grass roof made from the earth excavated from the site.


The building was designed by Marcus and Cork artist and builder Christy Collard. Renowned for his beautiful craftmanship Christy has been pushing the boundaries of round-pole construction and reciprocal designs for years, his creations are as much works of art as they are functional spaces.

A special thanks to who did up the detailed design drawings, to Hassen Mzali who got us going with the strawbuilding and Bee Rowan for all the advice and support.

Construction Photo Gallery

Construction Video Gallery

Lough Mardal Lodge, Lough Mardal, Bradlieve, Ballintra, Co. Donegal, Ireland

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