Lough Mardal


A nature-lover's paradise

Located 20 minutes from Donegal Town, just 5km off the Wild Atlantic Way, the site at Lough Mardal is a veritable Middle Earth of varying landscapes from lush wildflower meadows and glistening lake shorelines, to vast expanses of soft mossy bogland, to rough heather-covered hills with sweeping panoramic views of Donegal Bay and its neighbouring mountain ranges.


Spread across 90 acres it is beautiful, wild and unspoilt with two lakes - Lough Acully and the larger Lough Mardal. The setting is secluded, dramatic and beautiful.

Much of the land here is low level Atlantic and upland blanket bog which are valuable wetlands. Ireland is the most important country in Europe for this type of habitat – it is our oldest natural heritage. It supports a rich biodiversity of plant and animal species;  Bog-Cotton, Sundew (a carnivorous plant unique to this landscape), Otters and Dragonflies.

A nature lover’s paradise - bird-watch, brush-up on flora-fauna knowledge, spot a rare moss or count the hundreds of Wild Orchids. There is a diverse variety of plant life; Holm Oaks, Hazel and Alder, Rhododendrons, Gorse, Fuchsia, Harebells, Wild Angelica and fluffy Bog Cotton, mosses and lichens, Bell and Ling Heather and delicious wild Billberries.


Hear the Cuckoo, the background hum of pollinators, and catch the flickering Damselflies and Dragonflies darting about the shorelines.

Accessibly remote, it is perfectly located for adventure and discovery amongst the Irish NorthWest’s most spectacular hiking, surfing, fishing andcycling spots as well as having some of Ireland’s top beaches within a few miles.

This wild, tranquil and natural backdrop is the perfect antidote to the hectic lifestyles and stresses of the modern world.

Lough Mardal Lodge, Lough Mardal, Bradlieve, Ballintra, Co. Donegal, Ireland

Enquiries Ph: 00353 86 173 1813 / 023 3360  Email: info@loughmardal.ie

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