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The Digger Man Cometh

Updated: Apr 17

Foundation building, Glamping Ireland
The Digger Man Cometh

Foundations for our Eco Lodge marked out and being dug, wahoooo!! It's a big moment, long waited for. This noisy orange beast is going to be a friendly, familiar sight over the next few weeks.

Digger Man's To Do list:

- Dig foundations for Eco Lodge

- Clear and dig up Car Park area

- Dig up stone from quarry (which we happen to have on site)

- Lay out stone on Eco Lodge site for the foundations

- Fill car park area with stone to create hard ground

- Cover up donkey shed with some of the earth that has been dug

- Clear and dig up the areas for five yurts to prepare for their foundations

That should keep him busy for the time being.

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