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  • Clare Tindal

The Lodge is now open

Updated: Apr 18

We've had some very cool and hardy glampers come stay in our yurt since February. So hardy our very first guests arrived in the snow. They assured us their wood-burning stove kept them warm and toasty as they looked out their windows onto a lakeside Narnia. Other guests experienced howling storms, nails were bitten before they relaxed and felt comfortably at rest that their yurt wasn't going to blow away, with them inside it. It actually made the whole experience for them they informed us.

(You can read their reviews on Airbnb.)

All of these early, fearless guests amazingly came despite there being little or no facilities to offer. All we could offer was a pretty large and comfortably furnished yurt and, admittedly, an awesomely scenic setting away from it all... or as someone called it 'accessibly remote', which we might have to steal and trademark as an advertising tagline.

Now after 20 months of building, the communal amenity building, the Lodge, is operational. This unique eco building made with mud and straw now, finally, offers guests the creature comforts they deserve. A fully equipped self-catering kitchen, hot showers, toilets and a lovely big hangout space bathed in light with stunning views of lake, forest and mountains. At the risk of sounding biased, it genuinely is the most idyllic spot to kick back and zone out, read a book, savour a cup of tea or chat to fellow travellers.

Although now operational, there are still quite a few finishing touches to be done so guests and visitors please bear with us and excuse its appearance in places, it is still a work in progress.

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