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Coming out of Lockdown

Updated: Apr 19

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Lakeside Yurt

This morning feels a little like the dawn of a brand new world as we all tentatively come out of Lockdown.

We were thrilled to hear that latest Government guidelines permit us to now re-open earlier than expected, in just 3 weeks time! Having gradually shifted into a much slower pace of life in the last 12 weeks (the vegetable garden has never had so much attention) everything now suddenly seems to be happening very quickly, it's hard to keep up!

During the downtime apart from gardening we took the opportunity to complete some upgrade works; finishing off some of the yurts' decking, tiling the kitchen in the Lodge and...most excitingly...swapping all our king size beds for even more luxurious 5-star quality superking beds. They truly are the next level in comfort.

I'm very tempted to post a photo of the Lodge as it currently looks (and break all marketing rules in the process!) It very quickly became a playroom for our kids and is now unrecognisable. There are teddy bears living in the fridges. All the kitchenware is scattered everywhere as they have been busy hosting 'picnics' and 'tea parties' for their dolls. There is a complicated railway network stretching from one end of the room to the other which we cross at our peril. My yoga mat is there somewhere in the debris! We will definitely need all 3 weeks to get it presentable again and even then I'm sure you will be finding rogue Lego pieces behind the cushions, apologies in advance.

So, we have our work cut out for us - time to down the gardening tools, start clearing up and making up some beds!

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