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Nature Therapy

Updated: Apr 19

Geese, Nature Travel, Ecotourism, Eco Glamping Ireland
Canada Geese

Having been in Lockdown for the last 13 weeks the countryside has never looked so beautiful and appealing and Lough Mardal is now in full blossom. The Rhodedendron is flowering, the wild orchids are up and every week another new colourful wildflower emerges. The butterflies and bees are doing their aerial dances. And we've never known a year like this for birds. We wake (sometimes a bit too early) and fall asleep to the sound of the cuckoo and there are much larger numbers of red grouse, pheasants and snipe. On the lake a pair of Canada Geese seem to be in permanent residence and the Swans come and go. All of these visitors blissfully unaffected by Lockdown.

So for anyone in need of some fresh air and nature therapy after the many weeks cooped up, it is here in abundance.

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