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Time Capsule

Updated: Apr 18

A few weeks ago in a last minute rush before the cob building came to an end, we pulled together a few things to make a time capsule to insert into the wall. To the people of the future please find:


1 x front page of the Donegal Democrat newspaper (news that week covered the sentencing of Cardinal Pell and a new cinema to be built in Donegal Town)

2 x photos (the Lodge and the crew working on it)

1 x Lidl shopping receipt (3ltr milk €2, sliced pan of bread 95c)

1 x TV programme listings for that week

1 x bestseller book listing for that week (Michelle Obama on top)

1 x handwritten note saying hello to the people of the future

1 x 'About Us' print-out from our website -

1 x Lough Mardal Lodge logo/sticker

1 x Peppa Pig toy key-ring, courtesy of our 4-year olds

1 x Paw Patrol doggy (don't ask me which was pink)

2 x dubiously coloured drawings, also from our 4-year olds

Time Capsule, Eco Building, Natural Building, Donegal Ireland
Time Capsule

Having compiled everything there was a surprise moment of poignancy - the idea that this building we are pouring so much love into would be crumbling away for the discovery to be made - and the fact that we all (including you reading this) will all be gone. Unless we've made a complete hames of the building.

Long may you stand tall Lodge. 🤞🙏

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