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  • Clare Tindal

En Suite Loos are Coming

Updated: Apr 18

The guests who tell us they enjoy their starry night time jaunts to the loos may be sorry to hear their adventures will soon be over as the first En Suite loo has been finished. Always in the pipeline (excuse the pun!) but delayed due to Covid, Marcus is now working full tilt on getting them all completed for Spring '23. As a result of this, as well as the upcoming VAT increase, I'm afraid our rates will unavoidably have to go up slightly next Spring... which is what nobody wants to hear given the current cost of living crisis. However, do please note from now up until the end of January you will be able to book your stay next Summer at current rates.

In the meantime, up until next Spring, it will be a lucky dip as to who gets an En Suite as they get completed and who gets to go on starry night time adventures!

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