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Recharge your Electric Car

Updated: Apr 19

EV Charging, Electric Vehicle Charging, Eco Glamping Ireland
EV Charging

New charging point for electric cars installed! Every time I walk past it I can't help think how in a different era you would ride your horse up to the Inn or Staging Post and tie it up where it would be fed and watered or replaced with a fresher horse. In this modern world you can drive your electric vehicle up to your, in this instance, yurt glamping site and plug it in to recharge it! What a futuristic world we live in. The yurt glamping part isn't that modern though, that's older than the staging posts - the first written description of a yurt used as a dwelling was recorded between 484 and 424 BC. I wonder did they have superking beds - and what would those dwellers have made of an electric charging point.

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