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Lough Mardal Beef Burgers

Updated: Apr 20

Dexter Cows, Organic Farm, Glamping Ireland
Organic Dexter Cows

*Veggie/vegan friends avert your eyes*

A pack of 2 x 6oz/170g organic conversion Dexter beef burgers (€6) from our very own herd here at Lough Mardal can now be added when booking via our website for BBQ-ing or cooking in the Lodge during your stay.

There were heavy hearts all round saying goodbye to the first of the herd but we feel somewhat consoled by the fact he couldn't have lived a happier, healthier or better life.

The cattle are a rare Irish breed and are kept in a small family group for the whole of their lives and not separated from their mothers as calves as is the case in larger commercial beef farms. They enjoy grazing and foraging outdoors all year and particularly like the heather in the late summer. If you take a walk up Lime Hill you will likely meet them. (Don't say anything to them about the burgers.)

The farm and herd are in Organic Conversion and we will have full Organic Certification from April pesticides, weedkillers, fungicides, nitrates, chemical fertilisers, insecticides are ever used. Even the slugs in the vegetable garden get to live their best lives, which isn't easy to watch.

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