During this unprecedented time of concern regarding public health we wish to offer reassurance that all measures and safety precautions are being taken to protect our guests, and business, in line with the latest government recommendations.

We remain open and can offer a self-isolation retreat in the great outdoors. Until the 15th April (and possibly longer) we are restricting numbers to just one booking at any time to prevent exposure to others. There is also a Self Check-in/out policy in place, ensuring that guests here are fully isolated for the duration of their stay here.

In addition to this:

  • All guests are screened prior to arrival to check if they, or people that they have been in contact with, could have been exposed to Covid-19 in the previous two weeks.

  • We ask all guests to read the HSE information and advice at

  • With 5 yurts on rotation, there is a minimum 5 day gap between guests in each yurt to allow for deep cleaning and airing

  • There is continual deep cleaning of all the yurts and Lodge according to HSE guidelines (all hard surfaces plus touchable peripherals such as lanterns, kettle, toasters, key fobs, door handles, chair arms, bed headboards, light switches, etc).

  • All newspapers, books and boardgames have been removed for the time-being (sorry!). Hot water bottles have also been removed from the yurts (you are welcome to bring your own).

  • The Guest Information folder in each yurt has been removed from each yurt. Instead it will be emailed on the week of arrival.

  • All local tourism leaflets and pamphlets have been removed

  • We ask guests to adhere to the public guidelines to minimise the spread of the virus. Coughing or sneezing should be done into a tissue or arm/elbow.

  • Tissues are provided in all the yurts and Lodge and we ask that they are disposed of in the bins provided.

  • Due to the unavailability of hand sanitsers we ask guests to wash their hands regularly throughout their stay in the 6 sinks provided in the Lodge  - there are 3 in the kitchen, 1 in the shower room and 2 in the toilets.

  • Please avoid hand-shaking.

  • Guests are permitted to eat in the privacy of their own yurt (but please remove all food/packaging waste on departure).

  • The showers in the Lodge are wet rooms, fully contained.

  • In the interest of social distancing we are now offering guests a 'Self Check-in' service, information is provided by email the week of arrival.

  • If at any stage during their stay a guest feels unwell or shows signs or symptoms we ask they remain in their yurt and alert us straight away.

  • If Government lockdown measures progress to the closure of hotels/tourism accommodation we will arrange a booking postponement or a gift voucher for the value of the booking.

  • This is a dynamic and ever-changing situation which we will be monitoring closely and will be paying heed to all new government guidelines and adapting our policies accordingly, potentially at short notice, so please watch this space.

We live in worrying times. A lovely quote overheard on the radio; 'Our humanity to each other is our best immunity. Let this go viral.'

If ever there was a time to escape, breathe in fresh air in the great outdoors and decompress from the madness,  this is it. We cannot 100% guarantee a safe haven unfortunately but the odds here aren't too bad.

Stay safe.