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  • Clare Tindal

That Eerie Sound is Just the Birds

Updated: Apr 18

Wildlife, Eco Glamping, Donegal Ireland

While some of us have forgotten it's Spring thanks to all this dismal weather, the birds are cracking on with things. Undeterred by all the rain the males are out singing and parading for the ladies . The pheasants nest in the bogland so you can hear them from all directions at this time of year and they can often be seen strutting about in search of mates. The snipe is also very noticeable mainly due to the very eerie 'drumming' noise they make with their tails, particularly at twilight. Leading a recent guest to ask if the place was haunted!

These two exhibitionists are just the warm-ups however for the much awaited headliner who is coming soon and, after the initial mad joy at hearing him, we will all too soon be shaking our fists at from our beds at stupid o'clock in the morning; the cuckoo.

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