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Bees, Sustainable Travel Ireland, Eco Glamping, Donegal


Being as low impact as possible on the land and on the local biodiversity at this beautiful setting

has been an imperative from day one. 

Bees, Sustainable Travel, Glamping Ireland,

The Lodge has been designed and built from the ground up with sustainability at the heart of everything. The communal building is an ecobuilding constructed with strawbales and 'cob' (mud) with a living grass roof. It is powered by 100% green energy with the help of PV Solar panels. Accommodation is all off-grid with rechargeable lanterns and compost loos. There is a policy of no single-use plastics and all products & purchases, where possible, are locally/ethically sourced. No bleach or toxic chemical cleaning products are ever used. There is also EV Charging for guests.

Eco Building, Glamping Ireland

The Lodge is an eco building constructed almost entirely with natural materials; a timber round pole frame, strawbale walls, cob (mud & water) internal walls and a grass 'living' roof. It was furnished with recycled/upcycled furniture. Its waste and grey water gets filtered naturally through a reed bed and wetland system. The underfloor heating and hot showers are powered by an eco-friendly air-to-water heat pump.


And (warning), the main room is a gadget-free space!

Organic Dexter Cows, Glamping Ireland

Our wonderful Irish rare breed organic Dexter cows roam the land here, you may bump into them if you go for any rambles! You may also hear the distant clucking of our free-range rescue hens. 


We are Certified Organic by The Organic Trust which means no nasty chemical fertilisers, nitrates, weed-killers, pesticides or herbicides are ever used on the land or our vegetable garden. 

(Much to the slugs' delight.)

Moss, Bogland, Ireland

Much of the land here is low level Atlantic and upland blanket bog which are the most celebrated of Ireland’s peatlands. Ireland is the most important country in Europe for this type of habitat – it is our oldest natural heritage. 

Frogs, Eco Glamping Ireland

Our bogland setting is a rich habitat for wildlife and a nature-spotter's paradise with a number of protected species to watch out for.

Tree Planting, Eco Glamping Ireland

We have planted 9,000 native broadleaf trees on the land at Lough Mardal. The idea was partly to enhance biodiversity,  create a new wildlife habitat and nature corridors across 2 separate plantations. In approx 10-15 years time we will have our own supply of sustainable firewood.

Bees, Eco Travel, Sustainable Travel Ireland

Taking a stroll anywhere around Lough Mardal is a reminder of the beauty of nature that surrounds us. Watching the life cycles, the synchronicities and interdependencies instils a sense of wonder and the recognition that we ourselves are inseparable from it. We like to track the first appearances and sightings and special little finds in our Nature Diary.

Eco Travel, Glamping Ireland

There are some small measures you can take during your stay here to reduce your, and collectively our, carbon footprint.


E.g. did you know that taking a slightly shorter shower can save up to 10 ltrs of water per minute?​

Glamping Donegal, Ireland

We are very proud of our Donegal community and the wealth of traditional producers and suppliers that are part of the cultural heritage here. From our Studio Donegal woolen tweed blankets, to the cosy Magee tweed curtains, to the sheepskin rugs from Campbells in Ardara and hand crafted art in the Lodge. And you must try the mouth-watering breakfast packs provided by local artisan butchers Eddie Walsh & Sons.


As the saying goes...'Donegal has it all!'

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