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Tis the Season to be Froggy

Updated: Apr 19

One of the big annual nature events we get very excited about at Lough Mardal is nearly here. All of a sudden for about a week long at the end of February we are under siege by frogs. Frogs in ditches, frogs in the fields, frogs on the pathways, frogs on the track, frogs on top of other frogs...frogs everywhere. Making babies. This time last year (just before the dreaded word Covid became a household name) guests who were staying here told us that they woke to the sound of frogs croaking around their yurts and had to step over them on their decking. They're very friendly frogs. Anyway, we are now on official look-out for the start of the frog madness and a few random isolated ones have been spotted. I wonder what it is about one particular day that makes them all suddenly go 'Ok, that's it..todays the day..lets go!'

Frogs Mating, Wildlife, Eco Travel Ireland

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