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  • Clare Tindal

Busy Spiders of the Bog

Updated: Apr 17

What another beautiful start to the day as we continue enjoying this mini-heatwave. An ethereal fog hanging over the lake, early morning sun rays just begining to glisten the dew and spotlighting a staggering array of beautiful spider webs which almost entirely blanket the heather.

As I stumbled around getting feet drenched taking my photos of the webs (at the same time trying not to entangle myself in any, no mean feat!) you could hear the distinctive calls of grouse and pheasant hidden close by in the bogland amongst all the other usual sweet chirps and cheeps of the birds everywhere. I often use this hashtag but today there really is #nowhereidratherbe

I used to be terrified of spiders. Reading Charlotte's Web to the girls was a bit of a game changer. Though I admit I'm still a lot more comfortable with them in the great outdoors than seeing one dangling from the ceiling over the bed!

PS I had trouble selecting my favourite web so you got 'em all!

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