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Guest Blog - Katie Carroll

I celebrated my 30th in Lough Mardal with two of my closest friends and it’s a weekend I’ll never forget.  

On our first night, we sunk into huge armchairs draped in woollen blankets. We lit candles and drank red wine by the wood-burning stove into the early hours (I think they call this hygge). Tired and warm, we slept under the stars of our sky dome yurt in the crispest white linen (and what I suspect was a duck and down feather duvet). Simple luxury.

Mornings were slow and lazy; the sun rose to greet us over the lake as we sipped strong, freshly brewed coffee (coffee lovers are catered for with French presses, cafetières and coffee aplenty in the Lodge).

Days were for exploring the beautiful, rugged coastline of Donegal and more coffee in Buoys and Guls (flat whites, this time). If not already evident, our days were punctuated with a wonderful mix of coffee, exploring and food. We ate the freshest cod and scampi in The Salmon Inn  (but there were plenty of equally delicious non-seafood options too).

Lough Mardal is a special place. It’s an invitation to step away from the fast and frenetic pace of city life and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. It was a hard place to leave, the only consolation being the fact I get to go back and experience more of its magic.

My only advice? Bring the people (or person) you love

- and if that person is you, then Lough Mardal has all of the ingredients for a solo break, too.

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