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  • Clare Tindal

Spring Wildflowers

Updated: Apr 19

Leaving the house has been so much simpler the last couple of days - no ten minute rummaging for hats, scarves, jackets, wellies (oh those ones are still wet inside, find another pair, etc). Just opening the door and walking outside! The freedom. No need for jackets or any protection from the elements. Our muscle memory had forgotten that we could do this...just walk outside. I even found myself collecting my senses and hollering for jackets, but the kids were gone. I made my way to the vegetable garden while listening to the shrieks of fun from the girls running around somewhere (probably chasing frogs). The simple but immense pleasure of mild weather again.

A short time after, I was dragged away from my digging by the girls with crazed excitement, they had found some wildflowers declaring Spring is definitely, definitely here! (I had thought the gallons of frogspawn everywhere had already established that.)

The girls had found some Lesser Celandine. We aren't lucky enough to get snowdrops or daffoldils up here to herald the Spring for us but we do get these - a little yellow flower with pretty heard-shaped leaves. Frogspawn, wildflowers, mild weather and definitely does feel like Spring. (I wonder how long that will last.)

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