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  • Clare Tindal

That Summer Feeling

Updated: Apr 17

And in a flash there was colour everywhere. The colour of summer!

The wildflowers have started popping up everywhere now, each few days a new variety appears, each adding more colour - the dog violets (violet!), marsh marigolds (yellow), the ragged robins (pink), wild orchids (pink and purple, viper's-bugloss (bluey-indigo) and in the last week the very showy Rhodedendron has burst out of the greenery with its big pink blossoms visible in every direction as far as the eye can see. It is an invasive species and the extent to which it is taking over (at the expense of our native plants, our beautiful bogland flora, mosses and heather) is scary. The only way to manage it is to sadly use toxic Roundup which we are very reluctant to use. But it will be the lesser of two evils because left uncontrolled the Rhodedendron is destroying our local biodiversity. However - for the one month when it is in full bloom and gives so much colour to the landscape we just love it! :-)

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