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  • Clare Tindal

The Week the Lake Froze Over

Updated: Apr 19

The big freeze is over. From being almost cut off from civilisation (not even the postman nor binmen could reach us over a couple of days), to seeing the soggy bog turn into more of a tundra, to our daily ice-watch of the lake as it gradually froze over (and then got snowed on) and astonishingly became thick enough to walk on...mesmerising and terrifying in equal measures! The idea of slipping and cracking a hip and the subsequent mortification of landing in on a crisis-stricken ER dept was bad enough. When it was deemed safe enough to walk over to the island I couldn't bare to watch anymore and...after obviously first getting the prerequisite photos for posterity as well as for our marketing dept!!...I had to go calm my nerves, too much for this Mama. It has been stunningly beautiful though and has brought much needed light relief in this dismal January!

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