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  • Clare Tindal

New Rescue Hens

Updated: Apr 18

Saying hello to our new rescue hens who are looking rather cross but hopefully not for long.

Battery farms usually get rid of their hens once they're 18 months old when the hens take a short sabbatical from laying. Rather than wait the few weeks for them to start laying again they are killed, not even deemed worthy of eating. This is our second batch of rescue hens and they are in much better shape than our previous ones when they arrived which were practically unfeathered and covered in sores. It would put you off supermarket chicken and eggs for life. It warms the heart to see them now free ranging around living a lovely life, fully feathered and healthy. And laying delicious eggs. These lucky hens landed on their feet.

For anyone who has or is thinking about keeping hens please consider getting rescue ones and hopefully soon the dispicable battery farms will finally be a thing of the past. More info at FB @littlehill.animalsanctuary


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