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The Gathering is coming

The Gathering - this weekend at Lough Mardal

The All Ireland Permaculture Gathering is...gathering... this coming weekend at Lough Mardal!

We are very excited to be hosting it here and have already got to meet and know many like-minded and lovely people who are behind the scenes, so we look forward to meeting many more who come to participate at the weekend.

First held in Co. Wicklow in 2011 between 200 & 300 people have attended the Gathering each year since. It is a weekend camp in a private location to support the development of Permaculture in Ireland & Northern Ireland by providing an opportunity to network, celebrate and learn together. It is not a passive event laid on by others, but rather an active participatory gathering which is co-created by everyone. People come and host talks and workshops, share skills and information and participate in this dynamic community event. (

Site prep has started, deliveries are starting to arrive, all we need now is you!

Tickets are still available - see for more details.

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