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  • Clare Tindal

Lough Mardal Snow Resort!

Thank goodness once again the weather has intervened and drawn us away from the doom and gloom on the radio and taken us outside to get some fresh air therapy and bring some smiles on faces, young and old! The landscape here is beautiful whatever the weather but blanketed in snow it is always something to behold and I zig zag wildly about the place (not easy on a snowy bogland) trying to capture it on camera, never doing it true justice might I add. You always 'have to be here'...and we sincerely wish you were, thanks Covid.

The last time it snowed Marcus decided he should dig out his old snowboards (now retired for many a year) but by the time they were located the best of the snow had already melted and his piste was gone. This weekend he wasted no time and had us all up at the top of what we refer to as the 'donkey field' (which is now a 'donkey and cow' field) straight after breakfast. The kids had such a blast, particularly the 50 year old one. :-) You can check out some videos of our snowboarding prowess here & here. Snowboarding Donegal-style!

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